Cookie policy

1. Statement about cookies
1.1. About cookies
Websites use clever and useful methods to increase their convenience and make them as interesting as possible for every visitor. One of the best-known methods involves cookies. Website owners or third parties, such as advertisers, display cookies on the website you visit. Cookies are small text files that websites store on the computers of users. The information contained in cookies may also be used to track your browsing on different websites that use the same cookie. Cookies are categorized by duration and what sets them. We believe it is important to inform you about the cookies used by our website and the purposes they are used for. The purpose of providing the information is threefold – we want to ensure the best possible privacy, convenience, and funding for our website. This explanation provides more information about the cookies we use on our website and the purposes they are used for.
2. How our company uses cookies
Our company uses cookies to collect visitor statistics and to record information about your choices when you browse websites. We use cookies to improve the experience of using the website for you as a visitor.
3. Cookies and their functions
Different types of cookies are used for different purposes.
The following is a list of the most common types of cookies and an explanation of what they are used for.
3.1. Session cookies
Session cookies are temporarily stored in your computer’s memory while you are browsing a website, for example, to keep track of the language you have selected. Session cookies are not stored in your computer’s memory for a long time; they always disappear when you turn off your web browser.
3.2. Long-term or tracking cookies
Long-term cookies store a file on your computer for a long time; this type of cookie has an expiration date. Long-term cookies help websites remember your information and preferences for future visits. Long-term cookies help websites remember your information and preferences for future visits. Upon expiration, cookies are automatically deleted when you return to the website that created them.
3.3. Cookies from the website you are visiting
They are detected by the website (the same area as the browser’s address bar) and can only be scanned by that website. These cookies are typically used to store information such as your preferences so that they can be used when you visit the website again.
3.4. Foreign cookies
They are defined by areas that are different from what is displayed in the browser’s address bar, i. e., non-website owners. These cookies, for example, are used to collect information about advertising and user content. Third-party cookies can also be used to collect website statistics. Since foreign cookies allow for a more detailed analysis of users’ browsing habits, they are considered more sensitive to vulnerabilities, so most browsers allow changing preferences and do not accept foreign cookies.

4. List of cookies set on the website

Cookie namePurposeCreation timeValidity periodCookie nature (required, analytical, functional
pll_language Required cookie associated with the user’s selected languageAfter the customer makes selections on the website12 monthsMandatory
_gaUses Google Analytics to measure the purpose of a user’s visit, report website activity to website operators, and improve the user experience on the websiteWhen a customer visits a website24 monthsAnalytical
_gidThe cookie is used to distinguish usersWhen a customer visits a website24 monthsAnalytical
_gatThe cookie limiting the number of queries made through GoogleBy clicking the “Accept” buttonUntil the end of the sessionMandatory
_gtagThis code ensures that Google Analytics does not set any tracking cookie on a user until users accept itWhen a customer visits a websiteUntil the end of the session Analytical

5. Cookie management
5.1. How to view cookies
Since cookies are simple text files, they can be viewed by most text editors or writers. You can click on a cookie and open it. The following is a list of links for viewing cookies in different browsers. If you are using a different browser, see your browser’s cookie information. If you are using a mobile phone, see your phone’s manual for more information.

6.2. Disabling/enabling or deleting cookies
You can restrict or block cookies in your browser settings. If you do not want websites to place cookies on your computer at all, you can change your browser settings so that you are notified before any cookies are placed. You can also adjust your settings so that your browser rejects all cookies or only foreign cookies. Similarly, you can delete your cookies that have already been placed on your computer. Note that you will need to customize the settings for each browser and computer you use. Please note that if you do not want cookies, we will not be able to guarantee that our website is working properly. Some website features may be lost and some websites may no longer be visible. Moreover, if you decline cookies, you may not see any ads. This means that ads will no longer be tailored to your interests and will be repeated more often. Each browser has a different method for customizing settings. If necessary, use your browser’s help function to select the appropriate settings. More information about cookies can be found at
6. Other/unsolicited cookies
Depending on how the Internet and websites work, we do not always know about cookies placed by third parties through our website. This is especially true when our website contains so-called embedded elements: text, documents, images, or short video clips that are stored on another party’s website but are displayed on or through our website.
Therefore, if you encounter any cookies on our website that we did not specify before, please let us know. Or contact the third party directly and ask them what cookies they have placed, why they are doing so, how long they use the cookie, and how they ensure your privacy.
7. Contact us
We may from time to time adapt these statements due to changes to our website or rules on cookie changes. We may always change the content of the statements and the cookies listed without prior notice. You can check the latest version on this website. If you have any questions and (or) comments, please contact us.

How to remove cookies

We warn you that deleting or blocking cookies may adversely affect the operation of this website and your access to the services on the website. If you do not want your personal data to be processed using cookies, you can choose not to accept cookies in your browser settings, and you can delete them at any time. The opportunity to delete cookies is provided in all browsers. Information about cookie settings in different browsers can be found here: