Vilniaus Pergalė

“Pergalė” is a leading confectionery brand in the Baltics that is synonymous with unceasing explorations of new sensory frontiers.

The company’s history goes back to 1922 when a small craft chocolate factory was opened in the dreamy streets of Vilnius old town. Today, a century later, “Pergalė” is a globally ambitious brand carrying more than 290 products that are sold in 39 countries worldwide. Our product categories include chocolate boxes, chocolate tablets, pralines, liquor chocolates, chocolate truffles, dragées and even biscuits.

We currently export our products to Germany, Netherlands, Spain, England, Ireland, Israel, USA, Russia, Latvia, Estonia, Poland and other countries. We mark the production with our own mark, we can also produce it in the packaging provided by the customer at the customer’s request.

Vincas Zaščižinskas
Head of Export


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