Gyvas medus

Three generations of us have been living in the companionship of honey bees. We are a family of beekeepers, having a certified eco-farm from which we extract various flavours of pure honey-like (linden, buckwheat, forest, rapeseed, creamy, etc.)

We take care daily that our bees could live happily without any need in their hives and that the living honey, which they grant, could lead to a healthier body as well as a sweetened heart and soul. Finally, honey is both food and medicine, connecting us to our lovely childhood memories.

Due to the extremely careful work and in compliance with the standards of work with honey regulated by the European Union, the honey of “Gyvas medus” stays fresh and tasty for longer, so it is suitable for transportation to other countries.

The apiary is certified by the National Quality Certificate. Every season we get about 30/50 tons of different types of honey and other products, such as royal jelly, bee bread, bee pollen, bee propolis, and beeswax candles.

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