Gintaro Sino

Our wines are made only from natural, carefully selected fruits and berries, using good European winemaking traditions and personal discoveries, in order to reveal the advantages and characteristics of fruits and berries typical of our climate, more suitable for the delicate Nordic taste.

Our distillates are made from grains, fruits and berries grown in Lithuania. We distil with copper stills two or more times in order to extract the best possible flavours, aromas and quality of drinks. Drinks that require ageing are stored in oak barrels for many years.

In recent years, Gintaro Sino Winery has expanded its range with several types of gin, pine vodka and black balsam. In addition to the products that have already won their place in the market, the company is constantly creating, combining various flavours, maturing new drinks and intends to introduce many more novelties.

Stiprieji Gintarosino
Rose Gintarosino
Evelina Ragaišienė


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