Rinkuškiai Brewery

Brewery “Rinkuškiai” is the only family-held brewery in Biržai region, known as the beer capital of Lithuania. The history of the brewery began many generations ago.

Beer has been brewed in Biržai region since the end of XI th century. The secrets of beer-making have been passed from generation to generation. Jonas Čygas, the local brewer, was famous for his outstanding beer even outside the Biržai region. He brewed his barley beer for family celebrations like weddings and anniversaries. His beer was even brought to Vilnius, the capital, as a gift to the government officers.

Since 1991 the brewery has modernized its facilities, and expanded the assortment and production. Rinkuškiai is the largest local capital brewery in Lithuania and one of the five largest breweries in Lithuania, the only one of five run by the local brewery family. Rinkuškiai beer has been exported to the USA for more than 10 years, also to Poland, Latvia and Estonia. In 2014 some sorts of beer have been exported to Ireland and China.  On September 2015 Rinkuškiai started exporting to Canada.

Vidas Mezenskas
Head of Export


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