The company “Fasma” was founded in 1991 in Radviliškis. After starting to package and sell grains, the company grew successfully every year. Over time, having installed modern lines for the production and packaging of grits, flakes and crumbs, we have become one of the most productive food industry companies in the Baltic region.

Today, “Fasma” products could be found not only in the Baltic region but also in other regions, starting with the USA and ending with Western Europe. We would not have achieved all this if we had not met reliable like-minded people along the way, who became long-term partners and friends of the company. And most of all, we are grateful to the people who enjoy our products every day – natural grits, flakes, baked goods from “Fasma” whole grain flour and multi-flavoured glazed and unglazed Nature wheat cakes.

Viktorija Savickė
Marketing manager


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