Our goal is to offer the client a wide stock of quality beer. The parameters of beer process manufacture, equipment used, processes of control and management are determined according to the type, quantity and other peculiarities of the manufactured beer. All of the beer’s manufacture and handling processes are done in such a way that it would be guaranteed that the product does not pose a threat to the consumers’ health, that the fine qualities of Lithuanian beer would be preserved, while the raw materials, substances used and the manufactured beer would correspond to the provisions of the statutes of law, which are in force in the Republic of Lithuania, and the applied normative documents. We are working according to state-of-the-art technologies, though we do not abandon the Ancient Lithuanians’ formula of barley malt, hops and pure water. This way we accentuate the old traditions and experience of the brewery in the land of Pasvalys.

“Alsteka” specializes in the manufacture of ales. The ales are fermented at high temperatures, while the yeasts leaven the mash at the top of the reservoir, creating more pronounced and complex aromas of esters. The fermentation time at high temperatures is lesser; this gives a spicier, richer taste to the beer, which has a higher alcohol concentration. The ale tastes best when it is served at a temperature of 4-10 C°. A family of very dark types of beer emerged from ales that feature the tastes and aromas of dark chocolate malt and the potent bitterness of hops. Porter – dark, black or dark brown colour upper fermentation type of beer.

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Daugirdas Rinkūnas
Sales manager


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