Baltasis pyragas

“Baltasis pyragas” is one of the few bakeries in the country that resisted the temptation to “modernize” the long-lasting traditional process of baking bread in the name of quick economic benefits. Because only bread made according to the recipes and technologies perfected by the ancients for centuries is really healthy and useful for the human body.

In the huge modern vessels of the “Baltasis pyragas” bakery, the leaven of the bread ripens almost for a whole week, like in a grandmother’s bread tub. Bread baked from dough made from such sourdough stays fresh for a long time and preserves all the substances useful and necessary for the human body.

The quality of rye bread baked from renewable natural sourdough is ensured by constant production control and careful supervision by the employees of “Baltasis pyragas”.
We are convinced that “Baltasis pyragas” bread products baked from the highest quality grains grown in Lithuania will be in demand in the future as well, so we are consistently developing and will continue to develop the direction of healthy product production.