The company has over 80 different organic and healthy food products in its assortment. Among them: oils, flour, semolina, coffee, tea, cocoa, pasta and others. The company’s clients are the largest retail chains in the Baltic countries (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia) and Eastern Europe. In Lithuania, the company’s products can be found in all major shopping centers: Maxima, Rimi, Iki, Norfa, Aibė, Šilas, Express Market and other.

Brands produced or represented by the company:

The mission of UAB FOKSAS is the promotion of healthy nutrition and lifestyle, promoting awareness and consumption of organic products. The company actively participates in various exhibitions, events and fairs in order to familiarize consumers with organic products and their benefits.

One of the company’s biggest goals is to optimally satisfy customers and create long-term relationships with its business partners.

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Aurimas Bagdanavičius