Groward Group

“Groward Group” is a group of companies that comprises several progressive and innovative agribusiness enterprises. We are one of the fastest-growing agricultural business groups in Lithuania. The main activity areas of “Groward Group” are eggs and egg products, poultry and grains. We are the largest egg and egg product suppliers in the Baltic States, where we were the first to offer a mass supply of “happy” eggs, and we relate the future of this business with non-caged eggs. “Groward Group” egg products have been evaluated by Unilever and Qatar Airways, as well as other globally operating companies in the fields of food production, trade, transport and others.

A large share of production is exported to Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark and other countries in Western Europe, Scandinavia and Asia.

Ieva Jurevičienė
Head of Business development


Kiaušiniai Pienas ir pieno produktai