Lietuviškas Midus

“Lietuviškas Midus” is one of the largest factories in Northern Europe that produces alcoholic beverages from honey. One of the oldest and most famous products of the company is Stakliškių Midus, the start of production of which dates back to 1959. Currently, the factory can produce 150,000 L of fermented mead drinks, 2,000,000 L of spirit drinks and 4,000,000 L of carbonated non-alcoholic drinks per year.
Mead is one of the oldest alcoholic beverages that is making a comeback and is being discovered by more and more consumers. It is a fermented honey alcoholic drink, the production of which resembles beer production processes, and the strength of the drink reaches up to 14% alcohol strength. The production traditions of this drink have not changed for many centuries, but mead is used as a raw material in many modern drinks: nectars, spirits, cocktails or carbonated mead.

Medaus Gerimas
Darius Šiaudinis
Head of Export


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