We are family, in which chocolate is loved by everyone, from the eldest to the youngest. Chocolate production process is well familiar among a few family generations – by keeping these chocolate secrets among the closest family members, we are able to produce only the highest quality chocolate. 

Since 2009, we started producing especially high-quality – natural chocolate. The recipes of our chocolate creations were inspired by our endless travels and search for perfection by looking into Lithuanian chocolate traditions.

Once we mastered the application methods and combined it with our unique recipes and experience, we created, what we proudly present to YOU – exceptional taste chocolate and chocolate sweets.

We monitor every step of our chocolate production in order to offer the best of the best for – YOU. The product under which we can easily put our signature.

Lankstukas 420x297+3mm 3lenkimai Bpuse 1209
Marius Krugliakovas
Export Manager