UAB Vis Aqua

Our natural mineral water springs out from three underground water sources, reliably insulated by Cretaceous era limestone layers, at different depths in Lithuania. Water accumulated there over hundreds if not thousands of years, way before human industrial activity started contaminating anything. It is cleaned by nature, untouched by humans.

All 3 aquifers formed because of a unique underground feature: a huge ancient meteorite crater 5 km across, some 515 m deep. The crater formed barriers of bedrock that stopped the flow of ancient water hundreds of meters below the surface. This feature allowed formation of aquifers of very unique and clean water, well protected by old Cretaceous limestones from above. Each water body is unique in its own way and has certain highly-valuable properties. Demanding tests performed in EU laboratories have confirmed the impeccable purity and quality of our water. Our water is the ideal source: it can be consumed daily, thus ensuring the necessary level of iodine in the body.

This water also contains lithium. Numerous worldwide studies, including one conducted by the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, have shown that there are fewer psychological disorders and suicides in areas where drinking water is saturated with lithium. Also, water from this source contains selenium, a powerful antioxidant that strengthens the immune system. Because of its anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties, selenium can protect against inflammation of the blood vessels and reduce the risk of stroke. Women appreciate it as a beauty elixir.

Due to its low mineralization level, it is recommended for daily consumption. The quality of this water is certified by an EU Natural Mineral Water Certificate.


Nealkoholiniai gėrimai Mineralinis vanduo